Amaal At Ludlow House in New York City

Ludlow House is a labyrinth of chic blue decor that mimics the classic deco of an old New York. Its glamorous atmosphere is captured in “the Velvet Room” which is an intimate bar on the third floor. The space is filled with lush couches, a pool table, and a small stage. Among the velvet and smog was a humbling performer claiming she had a wardrobe malfunction, yet still looked seemingly flawless.

Amaal Nuux is an artist in every respect. Poised and calm as every performer should be — she introduced herself. Speaking briefly about past experience associated with her muslim upbringing that have inspired her in her artistic pursuit shows that she uses adversity only to propel herself forward. Originally starting as a Youtube sensation, she’s been taken under the wing of Daniel Caesar and will turn out an EP in the near future.

Amaal’s music is the music you sing in the shower during a break up. It’s the type you listen to on repeat because it gets so stuck in your head after the 90 times you play it. Her expressive vocals on “Not What I Thought” debuted this week and it’s resonate quality transcends the typical R&B ballad. Amaals talent percolates out of the speakers and fills your soul with milk and honey. A song about the devastation associated with lost hope for a situation you almost knew would go your way. The song becomes an anthem for young people being victim to the tragedy of ghosting which Amaal admits she has experienced.

Overall, the performance was both beautiful and moving. An experience filled with affection and personal details. Amaal’s harmonious vibe transformed the space of the Ludlow House into her own living room as we sit on her couch and take a peek into her diary. With a presence like hers, you know she was born to be a performer.

Sam Klainberg is a junior at Pratt Institute who spends her time making playlists and looking at art. Her love for music stemmed from her father and the diversity of his record collection.

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