Debut: ClaudE Fontaine

Claude Fontaine has released a self-titled debut album through Innovative Leisure.

“I wanted it to feel like those lost records, like it got lost in the dusty bottom bin of some world music store in London because that’s how I felt when I walked in to that record store. I want it to be its own world," said Fontaine.

And boy, did we get that feeling. Immediately we hear on track "Cry For Another" the lo-fi quality that gives that dusty bottom bin feel. It's a bit of reggae mixed with funk mixed with an indie touch. The upbeat background instrumentals contrast perfectly with Fontaine's delicately soft voice.

Throughout the first half of the album, each song is consistently introduced with a reggae tone. This is done cohesively well and is almost entrancing. It's almost as if it's one continuous song that can't break your attention.

Then, a shift comes at "Pretending He Was You" and the recordings become less lo-fi and more clear. We hear little influences of the reggae but mainly overpowered with a sense of Bossa Nova and Brazilian vibes, especially on song "I'll Play The Fool," which is reminiscent of "The Girl from Impanema." Fontaine's attention to nostalgia is clear and well executed.

The American girl with a French name gives a refreshingly new, yet classic take on what we consider reggae, keep an eye out for Fontaine. Listen to her music now on all streaming platforms and check out her Bandcamp here.

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