Han Hale on New Jay Som Music Video, "Nighttime Drive"

Last week, Jay Som released new single, "Nighttime Drive" from upcoming album, Anak Ko, out August 23 via Polyvinyl.

The single itself gives a promising view into Anak Ko, offering a preview of the album's airy style and tone (along with other released singles, "Tenderness" and "Superbike"). While we love the latest single, we also love the music video for "Nighttime Drive" and its out-of-this-world absurdity. Mothership was able to get a few questions in with director, Han Hale, and their process in creating the extraterrestrial music video.

How did you come up with the idea for the video? 

The "Nighttime Drive" music video is an homage to the song's namesake; the song is about being a band on the road and the comradery involved. I wanted to imagine the same working relationship Jay Som already has but under different circumstances. 

How did the music influence the direction of the video?

The lyrics themselves lend to the more literal components of the video. The song made me think of the spookiness that's inherit with being on the road at night, so I made a paranormal video. I wanted to keep the video whimsical, though, to match the tone of the song. 

Was directing it a collaborative process?

Yes! Always. My director of photography, Dean Snodgrass, and I are always working together as a team. I'm also lucky enough to have friends that are always down to volunteer their time on my projects. They always come up with cool and creative ways to enhance the video we're working on. I also try to give any performers or dancers that are involved the creative freedom to express their interpretation of the song.

What was your favorite part of the project?

Definitely filming the hula hooping alien scene. Our dancer Erin Shredder KILLED it. I was amazed by her intuitive nature and ability to improvise.

What was most challenging?

Funny enough, the alien dance scene lol. We had to do a night hike to the filming location with all of our gear, deal with some pretty crazy winds, and poor Erin had to dance basically barefoot on rocky terrain. It was still a blast to shoot though. 

If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out:


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