Mixtape: V-Day Collection

In honor of Valentine's Day, this Mixtape edition will feature some of my favorite tunes I listen to with love, affection and joy. They're the jams of today (with a few oldies) that make me wanna snuggle by a fire and give warm hugs. If you're keen on someone, something or life altogether, here are 15 bops that are sure to make you remember why Valentine's Day is the day of love:

1. "Suddenly" by Kevin Krauter

You can feel the love in this one. Kevin Krauter hits ya right in the feelies.

2. "Butterflies" by Kacey Musgraves

The four-time GRAMMY Awards winner Kacey Musgraves deserves a shout out. An album inspired by her own love with her husband is absolute #goals.

3. "You" by Mk.gee

This was a hard one, decided between this and "I Know How You Get." Mk.gee emulates Prince-y vibes, and even more vibes of love through this track. He's blowing up, so make sure to catch him live before he's too big.

4. "what lovers do" by Hand Habits

Hand Habits just dropped this bop TODAY, the perfect day to enjoy the beauty of such a song.

5. "Heartbeats" by Jose González

This classic really makes you want to grab someone and hold them close.

6. "You And I" by Wilco

You might've heard this one on the Netflix show LOVE, but I heard it first, before that show and feel hip and underground because of it. Wilco and Feist make a great partnership on this one.

7. "Melting" by Kali Uchis

The lyrics are the perfect representation of falling for someone. I love this song SO much because it embodies young love so well. You can also catch the Cuco version if you're trying to spice things up.

8. "Say Yes" by Elliott Smith

This oldie is a given, by the late Elliott Smith. I know if he were around today he'd probably hate everything about listicle articles, but I can't help but list "Say Yes" on here, it's too perfect.

9. "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young

You ever just wanna get married for no apparent reason after hearing this bop? Marriage is a construct but damn do I want to DANCE to this song with whomever is lucky enough to marry me.

10. "Best Part" by Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R.

This beautiful combo of such talented musicians really brings a tear to my eye. H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar recently won a GRAMMY for this duo and I'm sure we can all say it was well-deserved.

11. "Half of My Heart" by John Mayer

Yes, the Taylor Swift/John Mayer break up was tragic, but at least they made some magic on this track.

12. "Let My Baby Stay" by Mac DeMarco

This bop is truly a Mac DeMarco classic love song. You can't go wrong with it. I believe in an interview it was about the potential deportation of his Canadian girlfriend. Suffice to say, they're still together.

13. "You and Me" by Whitney

This song didn't make it on the debut album Light Upon the Lake, which is crazy because this song is epitome of love and beautiful in lyric composition. Julien Ehrlich's voice really stands out, and stands the test of time and life.

14. "The Moon's Detriment" by Shannon Lay

This song isn't so much about being in love, but really about the possibility of it. Through it, we fall in love with place, and scenery, and we fall in love with the possibility of what if. More importantly, we fall in love with voice, acoustic guitar and a poignant string section. All of which encompass love perfectly.

15. "I Think You're Alright" by Jay Som

This one speaks for itself.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify, and comment below some of your favorite love songs!

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