Premiere: Chickpee’s “What Can I Do for You?”

Chiara D'Anzieri has put out her second single under solo-project, chickpee.

Her second English release called "what can i do for you?" is a question she asks continuously throughout the nearly three minute song. Describing the track as "50% easy and 50% complicated," we see these ratios in the lyrical contrast of being an emotionally aware and devoted person, but also someone who's vulnerable and susceptible to overthinking the current circumstances of a relationship.

Photo by Kimberley Ross

In a nutshell, chickpee captures a special part of the human journey. She sings about love and what measures we'd go to to make another person happy. The big question always being: what can I do for you and what can you do for me?

The answer is nothing, "just be here, there, everywhere." As complicated as it seems, chickpee sings of the trials and errors of relationships, but quickly shows that all you have to do is be there for your partner. And in life, be there for people. Simple as that.

Aside from the song's emotional depth; there's a psychedelic tone that drives her style. It's a little bit reminiscent of Connan Mockasin and works really well in correlation with her first single, "25." The modulation on the guitar is accented well with her harmonies and nice, clean, and quaint guitar solos.

If you haven't heard "what can i do for you?," check it out on all streaming platforms.

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