Radar Release: Mato's "Come See Me Live"

Mato has released a new single and music video for song "COME SEE ME LIVE." Along with the new release is Mato's latest merch drop in collaboration with Urban Native Era and Urban Native Era x Music.

The music video begins as an elementary school bell rings. Children are seen rushing out, while one student stays behind for detention. As he begins to color, his teacher comes up to him and sternly warns that she'll take him to the principal's office if he doesn't stop. The teacher leaves the classroom, the boy defeated.

That's when a puppet enters.

Presumably the puppet version of Mato, he begins rapping for the lone boy. It's a dream-like party in the classroom and Mato pumps up the student with a private show. The boy breaks the rule and starts coloring again.

Mato's sound is signature with ever-flowing lyrical rap and lo-fi beats. The song is poignant and smart, with an underlying message of marginalized people overcoming adversity, rapping "come see me live and thrive from genocide."

Mato's verse is strong, with an even stronger music video. With amazing production quality, the music video along stands as a work of art.

UNExMusic was created to support Indigenous and independent musicians through their Spotify playlists. To support Mato and Urban Native Era, click here to purchase merch. Listen to "COME SEE ME LIVE" on all streaming platforms now and watch the music video below:


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