Q&A with Shredder on EP Keep Going

Shredder, the solo project of Jay Som Guitarist, Oliver Pinnell, has released EP Keep Going. The EP consists of four pop songs entirely composed and arranged by Pinnell, with a guitar-driven focus. Listeners can expect to hear inspired guitar solos, hooks, and melodies. Listen to Shredder put his heart out there and check out our brief Q&A below.

What's one thing you'd want listeners to know about this EP?

Probably that I wrote these four songs with the intent of doing everything myself at home; writing, recording, producing and mixing. I’d done lots of demos at home and dabbled in home recording for years but wanted to complete a project and see how far I could push myself with just a laptop, interface, and a microphone.

When did you record this?

I recorded it in 2018 when I was on the road more than half the year. Being able to work on these songs without having to worry about time constraints was quite freeing.

After the self-recording process, what's one thing you've taken away from the experience?

Just that I’m very proud of these songs. They capture a lot of musical ideas I’m interested in at the moment.

Is there anything else you want listeners to know?

I also did this EP in part to get people excited about an album that I’ll be releasing at some point this year! As always, thanks for listening!

Check out Keep Going on all streaming platforms or click the image below!

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