Sigrid at Madame Siam in Los Angeles

Sigrid took the stage at Madame Siam in Los Angeles earlier this week for a stripped-down set of songs from her forthcoming debut album, Sucker Punch. The 22-year-old Norwegian pop sensation burst onto the scene with a string of lauded tracks in 2017, including certified gold “Strangers.” Her upcoming album is set for release on March 9 via Island Records. Sucker Punch solidifies a nearly two-year culmination of EPs, festival performances and sold out shows for the singer.

Sigrid at last summer's Panorama Music Festival in NYC

Accompanied by a pianist and backup singer, Sigrid emerged in her self-described “everyday work outfit” of blue jeans and a white tee, attire representative of the artist’s overall chill demeanor. She started the set with the album’s title track, her biting yet smooth vocals mirroring the song’s lyrical content: fear of losing one’s cool in the midst of a progressing relationship. The singer followed up “Sucker Punch” with a down tempo version of “Strangers,” which acted as a departure from the song’s punchy EDM production. Sigrid’s vocal stylings throughout the performance mirrored those of Adele, a comparison the singer’s powerful voice has yielded before. Harmonization between Sigrid and her backup singer further elevated her vocal prowess.

Sigrid has noted that when writing most of her songs, she begins with piano and turns to production later. The singer’s evident comfort in this process remained apparent throughout the intimate performance. She effortlessly stepped into falsetto for “High Five,” and closed out the set with two unreleased tracks from her album. Lyrics from the first song “Level Up,” reflect the theme of resiliency present in her current repertoire: “Don’t brush it under the rug because when we get through this struggle, that’s when we level up.” This lyrical sentiment, coupled with Sigrid’s knack for metaphor, continued in the final song’s verse: “The airline lost my luggage, still got all this weight. And all the things I’m done with are showing up again.”

Despite dreamy comparisons to Adele and fellow emerging pop powerhouse MØ, Sigrid introduces an infectious brand of pop that is entirely her own. Her dedication to producing “good, heartfelt pop songs” has already paid off, and will without a doubt remain a staple of future projects. Currently preparing to head on tour with George Ezra and Maroon 5 throughout the UK and Europe, fans will have plenty of opportunities to witness Sigrid’s talent on the big stage. At the rate of her musical ascent, I have a feeling it won’t be long before she headlines a massive arena tour of her own.

Shannen McKee is an LA-based writer, musician and self-proclaimed comedian. When not discovering new music, she enjoys reading poetry and poring over web series ideas with friends.


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