Whitney Release Latest Single, "Used To Be Lonely"

Whitney has released "Used To Be Lonely," the latest single off of anticipated sophomore album, Forever Turned Around.

Accompanying the new track is music video directed by Austin Vesley. The video is from a first person point of view following their significant other through a series of settings, remembering good times and lonely times.

Throughout these scenes, we see intermittently lead vocalist and drummer, Julien Erhlich singing and playing on what appears to be an acoustic Gibson J45, and lead guitarist, Max Kakacek on a Gibson 335.

The track has everything a Whitney fan could ever ask for hints of a little bit of drums in the beginning, a nice bass line, and then toward the end, we get the whole band going off with a classic Kakacek guitar slide solo. Erhlich's singing is gentle, softly singing lyrics that are simple yet thoughtful, "Used to be lonely...lonely" echoing throughout the nearly four minute song. Each verse shares a different sentiment toward a loved one:

One being reverence for how a lonely life can be changed by one person, "Well it made no sense at all/ Until you came along/ I'm afraid you're letting go/ Cause the only life I've ever known."

And another showing that when things get rough, being together in the night makes it all better: "When long days knock you down/ When cold winds turn me round/ Take me out into the night/ Cause the only way to spend our time."

"Used To Be Lonely" is a beautiful preview into the upcoming release of F.T.A. If this song didn't make you cry, surely the rest of the album will. Watch the video below:

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